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 Hussar Jacket & Coats-Zest4Canada

Our Hussar jacket refers to a type of military jacket associated with the Hussar cavalry, which were light cavalry units in European armies, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries. The term "Hussar" originally comes from Hungarian hussar, and these cavalry units were known for their distinctive and elaborate uniforms, often characterized by bold colors, braiding, and decorative elements.

The typical features of a Hussar jacket include:

  1. Braiding and Trim: Elaborate braiding and trim, often in contrasting colors, were common on the front, cuffs, and collar of the jacket. This was not only for decorative purposes but also served to distinguish the various regiments.

  2. Pelisse: The jacket might be accompanied by a pelisse, which is a short fur-lined or fur-trimmed cape worn over the left shoulder. The pelisse was a distinctive feature of Hussar uniforms.

  3. Epaulettes: Many Hussar jackets featured epaulettes, which are ornamental shoulder pieces often used to display a soldier's rank.

  4. Frogging: Decorative loops and buttons, known as frogging, were often used on the front of the jacket for both functional and ornamental purposes.

  5. Busby or Shako: The headgear worn with the jacket could be a busby (a fur hat with a bag-like ornament hanging from the top) or a shako (a tall, cylindrical military hat with a visor and plume).

The style of the Hussar jacket varied among different countries and over time, but it generally conveyed a sense of flamboyance and a distinct military identity. Today, the term may also be used more broadly to describe jackets or coats inspired by the traditional Hussar style, often used in historical reenactments or as part of ceremonial uniforms.