12th Century Espada Knights Templar Sword W/ Plaque 48"

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12th Century Espada Knights Templar Sword W/ Plaque 48"

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  • Knight templar sword, from the movie King Arthur. 121cm long, 24cm wide, 2.4kg net, 3.8kg with package, brand new, handmade, pointed, unsharpened;
  • Stainless steel blade, black floral painting with a knight on horse, 92cm long, 4.5cm wide, 0.51cm thick;
  • The guard and pommel are metal and have two toned gold and antiqued silver finish, cross, knights and horses relief details, with the handle 15cm long;
  • Brown wall display plaque with gold battle-worn floral pattern;
  • The blade has a beautiful scroll work pattern of the cross of Jerusalem. The guard is a cruciform with a Oakeshott type 6 design. The symbol of the Knights Templar has been added in golden steel to the center of the guard. Each arm of the guard features a symbol of the Knights Templar. The handle of the sword has been constructed from steel with a complex design of scroll work. The pommel is a Oakeshott type G with a cut out cross;
  • The crusader heirloom quality sword is a striking example of beauty and design. The crusader cross cast within the pommel exemplifies the heroism and Christian faith that led Medieval knights through the Crusade wars. The Crusades created a tumultuous period when Western armies, fired with the crusading spirit. Learned a great deal from their opponents, bringing back new knowledge from their travels. 
  • The Templar Order was established in 1118 A.D. to ensure the safety of the Holy Land and to protect the pilgrimage routes. The institution reached its maximum splendor in the 13th century. The Knights Templar considered themselves to be Knights of God, the honor of the church and of Christianity. Their motto was: "NON NOBIS, DOMINE, NON NOBIS, SED TUO NOMINI DA GLORIAM." (Not to us, God, not to us, but to Your name give glory."). It was a very well-organized military force.


Dimensions: 123X28X5CM
Features: Diecast
Material: Metal

Swords and Maintenance

        Our swords are handmade, non-sharpened and false-edged replicas. All metal swords require responsible use, care, and maintenance. Your sword should always be covered with a light coating of oil to prevent rust on the blade. Common oil could be a mixture of sewing machine oil and vaccine. Please periodically check if the hanging sword and screws are getting loose on the wall mount. 

Terms and Conditions

        You must be 16 or older, unless guided by a guardian, to purchase metal swords although these are not real weapons. Please be aware of your compliance with local and state laws to legally possess or properly use sword, knife, or dagger. We will not accept any responsibility or liability for any consequences of non-compliance.

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