Custom Hand-Painted Scottish Rite Masonic Apron

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Custom Hand-Painted Scottish Rite Masonic Apron

The Perfect Gift or the Perfect Self-Care Treat, nothing says "I care about you" more than a hand-painted apron.

Our talented artists are available to make you the most beautiful, exquisite hand-painted aprons.

If it's a gift, we can embroider the name of the brother the apron is intended to.

Available in all sizes, round or square, and your choice of trim.

We can custom make the apron according to your own specifications. You can add fringes, chain tassels, and choose whether to have a tassel cord instead of an adjustable belt.

You can send us a design that we can replicate or you can email us sketches and ideas and together we can develop the perfect design.

Our obsession with detail in combination with a wandering eye for beauty and refinement guarantees a masterpiece work of art that will surely make you proud.

Make it unique, original, meaningful, elegant. With the right symbols, make it Memorable.


  • Adjustable belt with gold plated snake fitting
  • Pocket at the rear and soft padding