Custom Masonic Grand Master Apron

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Grand Lodge Custom Masonic Grand Master Apron. Made of using purple velvet fabric. Fully hand embroidered using bullion wire and threads in 3 different qualities, please select one for your preference. Gold braided and bullion fringed. Matching fabric lining on back with pocket. Blue 38mm belt with gold snake fittings. Excellent quality.

They come in 3 different qualities.


A Quality
Embroidery applied straight on the surface.
Hand Embroidery is used in combination with fabric.
Lead Time: 3 Weeks

A+ Quality
No fabric is used, only bullion.
About 10% of the work is raised from the surface to give it a 3D layering effect.
Threads placed beneath to give it first pillowing.
Twice needle work is applied.
Lead Time: 3 Weeks

A++ Quality
Pillowing used to give it a more 3D effect.
Laser cutting is used for extra precision.
3 different materials are applied on surface + threading on top + a final layer of embroidery.
Lead Time: 6 Weeks
Extra Features:

Adjustable belt with Gold plated snake̴ fitting
Pocket at the rear and soft padding

Make sure to email us your lodge regulation requirements so we can perfectly implement them.