Flat Body - Past/Grand Commander Chapeau Black White Plumes Blend

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Knights Templar Past/Grand Commander Chapeau Black White Plumes Blend- Flat Body

We customise all Chapeaux to your state regulation. If you need any modifications just contact us at zest4canada@gmail.com. Available in Black Plume as an option.

We are one of the very few stores that offer Knights Templar Chapeaus with curly plumes. The plumes are made by hand!
As a general rule, Line officers have 4 to 6 plies, Commanders and Grand Commanders have 8 plies

Flat body - are not completely flat, there will always be a minor curve from the rounded hat body.

100% Wool Felt Body, with gold slashing with bullion thread, Gold wire tassel, 4-ply x 8 whole-piece white genuine ostrich feather with quill.

8-ply is recommended for chapeaus of Commander and up.
Refer to the size chart to determine your head size. Measure around the head, 3/4" above the ears. To identify your correct size before ordering your chapeau, please do the following:

Have a non-stretching string around your head about 3/4” above the tips of your ears and across the middle of your forehead. This is the measurement of your head where the hat will sit.  
Hold the string firmly, but not too tight. Mark where the string meets.
Lay the string on a flat surface and measure the distance between the marks. The sizes will range from 21 to 26 inches or even more for bigger heads. Provide the measurement in ¼” increment.
Use this measurement against the table provided below to order your Chapeau, or if unsure, provide the actual measurement in inches.
If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next bigger size.

6-7/8 to 7                = 21.75 to 22.25
7-1/8 to 7-1/4           = 22.50 to 23
7-3/8 to 7/12           = 23.25 to 23.75
7-5/8 to 7-3/4          = 24      to 24.50
8                            = 25.25
Shipment - within 2 weeks only!

Chapeaus are custom-made to order, and as such, orders are non-cancelable or returnable except for manufacturing defect and within 10 days of order. We carefully inspect all products before shipment.
The quality of our chapeaux is unmatched and our prices are reasonable.