For iPad Backlit Backlight Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse For IOS Android Windows Portuguese Arabic Russian Spanish keyboard and Mouse

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Brand Name: EMTRA

Origin: Mainland China

Operation Style: Capacitive

Language: europe

Language: brazilian

Language: Russian

Language: KOREAN

Language: japanese

Language: UK

Language: French

Language: HEBREW

Language: English

Type: Bluetooth Wireless

Application: Desktop

Application: Laptop

Application: Number

Application: Tablet

Keyboard Standard: 82 Key

Style: Standard

Switches manufacturer: skyloong

Certification: CE

Certification: EAC

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Package: Yes

Keycup printing: Dye-sublimation

Keycup material: ABS plastic

Backlight Type: MULTICOLOR

Interface Type: USB

Axis Body Brand: EMTRA

Wrist Support: Yes

Switches Hot swap: No

Full Size keyboard: Yes

type: ERGONOMIC Game Mini Multimedia Russian Version SLIM Standard Wireless

bluetooth keyboard: wireless keyboard

Bluetooth mouse: wireless mouse

style: partysu

style: simple

silent keyboard: Quiet keyboard

Language version 1: Russian Version

Language version 2: Spanish edition

Language version 3: Japanese version

Language version 4: Korean version

Language version 5: Portuguese edition

Language version 6: English version

Fit equipment 1: Android and Apple and so on

Fit equipment 2: Xiaomi tablet Series

Fit equipment 3: Samsung tablet Series

Fit equipment 4: Huawei tablet Series

Fit equipment 5: Lenovo tablet series

Fit equipment 6: Microsoft tablet series

Fit equipment 7: iPad iPad Mini iPad AIr iPad Pro

Fit equipment 8: Increase Capacity

Fit equipment 9: Waterproof and Dustproof

Fit equipment 10: Notebook computer

Fit equipment 11: Samsung mobile phone Huawei mobile phone Xiaomi mobile phone OnePlus mobile phone Apple mobile phone Android mobile phone

Fit equipment 11: Support

Language version 7: Hebrew edition

Language version 8: Arabic edition

Keyboard language 1: Hebrew keyboard

Keyboard language 2: Arabic keyboard

Keyboard language 3: Spanish keyboard

Keyboard language 4: Russian keyboard

Keyboard language 5: Portuguese keyboard

Keyboard language 6: keyboard for tablet

Keyboard language 7: spanish wireless keyboard

Keyboard language 9: Arabic wireless keyboard

Keyboard language 10: spanish bluetooth keyboard

Keyboard language 11: Korean wireless keyboard

Keyboard language 12: Korean bluetooth keyboard

Keyboard language 13: Russian bluetooth keyboard

Keyboard language 14: Russian Wireless keyboard

For: IOS Android Windows

backlight Color keyboard 1: Backlit Arabic

backlight Color keyboard 2: Backlit Hebrew

Luminous iPad keyboard and mouse: Backlit Spanish keyboard

backlight Color keyboard 3: Backlit Portuguese keyboard

Mechanical Gamer Keyboard: Mini Bluetooth keyboard

musical keyboard: bluetooth mouse keyboard

bluetooth mouse keyboard: wireless gamer keyboard

RGB backlit keyboard 1: iPad bluetooth keyboard and mouse

RGB backlit keyboard 2: keyboard for ios

RGB backlit keyboard 3: iPad keyboard and mouse

RGB backlit keyboard 4: mouse and keyboard on iPad

RGB backlit keyboard 5: keyboard and mouse iPad

RGB backlit keyboard 6: iPad mouse and keyboard

RGB backlit keyboard 7: ios keyboard mouse

RGB backlit keyboard 8: mouse and keyboard ipad

RGB backlit keyboard 9: bluetooth keyboard and mouse for tablet

RGB backlit keyboard 10: iPad keyboard with mouse

RGB backlit keyboard 11: iPad bluetooth mouse and keyboard

RGB backlit keyboard 12: for iPad keyboard and mouse

RGB backlit keyboard 13: kerean touchpad

RGB backlit keyboard 14: keyboard ios air

RGB backlit keyboard 15: tablet keyboard

RGB backlit keyboard 16: bluetooth keyboard with touchpad phone

RGB backlit keyboard 17: wrinkle patches

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes