Masonic Regalia Blue Lodge Aprons Set 12 Blue Backing Chain Collar with jewel

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Masonic Regalia Blue Lodge Aprons Set 12 Blue Backing Chain Collar with jewel:

1. Senior Steward Apron with bushes
2. Junior steward  Apron  with bushes
3. senior Deacon Apron  with bushes
4. Junior deacon Apron  with bushes
5. Senior warden Apron  with bushes
6. junior warden Apron  with bushes
7. Marshal Officer Apron  with bushes
8. Worshipful master Apron  with bushes
9. Tiler Officer Apron  with bushes
10. Secretary officer Apron  with bushes
11. Treasurer Officer Apron  with bushes
12. Chaplain officer Apron  with bushes

All Aprons made with Synthetic leather front side And machine Embroidered logos and bushes blue Flap and body Back side Fabric backing With gloves pocket Front side Ribbon 2 Inch And flap ribbon top are 1.5 inch Back side adjustable Belt Snake set Silver Apron are very clearly finishing.

  1. Masonic regalia blue lodge officer chain collar.
  2. masonic blue lodge golden plated chain collar 
  3. on chain collar finest quality velvet used dark blue
  4. sixteen jewels plus two stars 
  5. Collar size 12 x 18
  6. well stitched chain collar
1. Senior Steward Golden Jewel
2. Junior steward Golden Jewel
3. senior Deacon Golden Jewel
4. Junior deacon Golden Jewel
5. Senior warden Golden Jewel
6. junior warden Golden Jewel
7. Marshal Officer Golden Jewel
8. Worshipful master Golden Jewel
9. Tiler Officer Golden Jewel
10. Secretary officer Golden Jewel
11. Treasurer Officer Golden Jewel
12. Chaplain officer Golden Jewel