Masonic Regalia Free Mason Royal Arch Apron with Shirt , Cap & Soft Crown

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                   Masonic Regalia Master Mason Apron Set Shirt+Cap+Jewel square and compass G

  • Top Quality front side Synthetic leather center
  • Apron Border side Mark ribbon 2 Inch red  
  • Flap side also red Mark Ribbon 1.5 Inches 
  • Flap center Royal Embroidered Logo
  • Back side 40 inches Long elastic belt adjustable with snake set silver Hook
  • Back side Red fabric backing with gloves pocket
  • Masonic regalia Royal Arch chain collar golden plated.
  • masonic golden plated chain collar 
  • on chain collar finest quality velvet used red 
  • sixteen jewels plus two stars Emblem 
  • Collar size 12 x 18
  • well stitched chain collar

1.Masonic Regalia Royal Arch Polo T shirt Color white

2.Masonic Regalia polo T shirt Red thread Embroidered Logo Royal arch

3. well stitched Shirt on all sides 

4. collar on neck with three buttons 

5. Available sizes Of shirt ( 6 XL) ( 5 XL ) ( 3 XL ) (  2 XL ) ( XL ) ( L )

Item name: 

                 Master mason baseball white cap

Masonic Regalia Royal Arch cap embroidered logo on frontside.
Velcro strapping on back adjustable 6 panel Cap. One size fits all.

Item name: Soft crown

Red color silk Front side with center Royal arch emblem logo