Master Mason Blue Lodge Collar - Dark Blue Velvet With Gold Braid Borders

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This Master Mason Blue Lodge Collar, is crafted with a dark blue high-quality velvet and beautifully hand-embroidered using golden bullion threads. This collar radiates an air of royalty and holds deep significance.
To ensure both a regal appearance and utmost comfort during wear, we've added a soft blue polyester lining on the back of the collar. It combines elegance and ease for a truly harmonious experience.

Whether you're looking for a meaningful addition to your own collection or a thoughtful gift, our Masonic Collar embodies the timeless traditions and values of Freemasonry. 


  • Single-piece (joint less) collar
  • Collar 4 inches wide with 1/2 inch wide metallic golden braid on border
  • Metal jewel hook on back for jewel attachment