Square Compass Officer Red Star Masonic Sword 39.5"

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Square Compass Officer Red Star Masonic Sword 39.5"

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Design: Sword 
Dimensions: 105X18X4CM
Material: Metal

  • 100cm long, 14cm wide, 1.2kg, brand new, pointed, unsharpened;
  • Stainless steel blade, floral engravings with crusader cross and German letters, 81cm long, 2.0cm wide, 0.2cm thick, silver zinc alloy handle 14.5cm with red star guard and red/black pommel;
  • Shiny silver steel scabbard with floral fittings;
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Swords and Maintenance

        Our swords are handmade, non-sharpened and false-edged replicas. All metal swords require responsible use, care, and maintenance. Your sword should always be covered with a light coating of oil to prevent rust on the blade. Common oil could be a mixture of sewing machine oil and vaccine. Please periodically check if the hanging sword and screws are getting loose on the wall mount. 

Terms and Conditions

        You must be 16 or older, unless guided by a guardian, to purchase metal swords although these are not real weapons. Please be aware of your compliance with local and state laws to legally possess or properly use sword, knife, or dagger. We will not accept any responsibility or liability for any consequences of non-compliance.

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