Treasurer Blue Lodge Officer Apron - Machine Embroidery

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This Treasurer Blue Lodge Officer Apron is an esteemed item for members of the Masonic Order, representing one's affiliation with distinction. The apron is comprised of a 40-inch adjustable waist belt, made of durable blue polyester and secured with a chrome metal snake fastener and adjuster, accommodating waistlines up to 54 inches with ease. The apron is adorned with a blue polyester grosgrain ribbon border, lending an air of sophistication to its design, and features intricate machine embroidery that highlights its attention to detail and quality. The back of the apron is lined with a matching blue fine polyester fabric and features a practical glove pocket, making it the appropriate accessory for any Masonic occasion or ceremony.

This apron is available in three high-quality materials: synthetic, leather, and lambskin. It can also be personalized to suit your specific requirements.


  • Adjustable belt with Silver plated snake fitting
  • Finest quality blue ribbon
  • Finest Quality Machine Embroidery
  • Pocket at the rear and soft padding
  • Size: 14"X 16''