VGN VXE Dragonfly R1 Pro Wireless Mouse PAW3395 Sensor 4K Paw3395 Low Delay Gaming Mouse X Smart Speed Office Pc Gamer Gift

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Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless

Origin: Mainland China

Hand Orientation: Both Hands

Package: Yes

Number of Buttons: 5


Certification: CE

Number of Rollers: 1 pcs

feature 1: VGN

feature 2: VGN VXE

feature 3: Dragonfly R1

feature 4: PAW3395 Sensor

feature 5: Nordic 52840 Chip

feature 6: 2KHz

feature 7: R1SE 51g

feature 8: R1 51g

feature 9: R1 Pro 48g

feature 10: R1 PRO MAX 54g

feature 11: Smart Speed X

feature 12: Type-c

feature 13: Bluetooth 5.4

feature 14: 2.4G

feature 15: Three Modes R1 R1 SE

feature 16: Two Modes R1Pro R1ProMax

feature 17: Custom Programming

feature 18: R1 R1 Pro R1ProMax PAW3395

feature 19: R1SE PAW3395SE

feature 20: 120.6mmX640mmX37.8mm

feature 21: Windows

feature 22: macOS

feature 23: Linux

feature 24: Chrome OS

feature 25: R1 R1 SE 125~2000Hz

feature 26: R1 Pro R1 Pro Max 125~4000Hz